Monday, 10 November 2008

E-ON F-OFF: How Rude!

It has come to our attention that a group of climate change activists have started a new website for their campaign against us. Can you believe that!? We take our social responsibility very seriously, going so far as giving a few thousand pounds to local schools so they can have wildlife gardens. Isn't that nice of us? According to these people, that isn't enough...they claim our coal power plans threaten the world with dangerous climate change, it's just a shame we can't power the world on wind mills. Bloody hippies.

Find out more about EON and our CSR policies here.

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Rich said...

Unbeleivable - E.on DO power Germany on windmills, and are very proud of it there!

We don't need coal in our energy mix:

And christ, the damage it would do!: